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I need to better define my problem. I have been given an eviction notice, plus a threat to turn off my electricity. I have been looking for employment now for almost three months and came on a snag about two months ago. I was caught up in a scam, yes a Nigerian scam, which ended up with me almost being put in prison for a very long time, well stupid me spent money, thinking I was dealing with honest people, I lost $6,000, which would, right now, be paying for things I need, such as rent, food, dental help, etc. But, I had to pay the money or go to jail. I have put in so many applications for employment, but, it is like I am invisible, my telephone doesn't ring. Now, I do not even have money for a bus to go and seek employment. It is true, I put myself into this predicament, but, if someone could see into their heart to just give a little, it would be so greatly appreciated. I have never asked anybody for anything, but I do not want to be homeless, and it is like I have been pushed into a corner and can't get out. I believe I have been stubbed for employement, because of my age and the fact that I do not speak spanish. I am always asked at interviews if I am bilingual, of course, I do not lie and I am not and a lot of times that is the reason that I do not get the job. I am so stressed and and depressed that sometimes I don't even want to get up, but I have to at least try another day to struggle back on my feet. Right now I am in such pain with my teeth and jaw, but I have nothing to take for the pain, so I must suffer. Please, Please, if anyone is listening, just a little help would be greatly appreciated. I do have a paypal, if someone could just help me,, there is like $2.00 in the account to keep it open. God Bless, for whatever help anyone can give.
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Troubled teen.... We are in a bind we have a 15yr boy who needs to be enrolled in a boarding school to help with his Bipolar, ADD and anger issues. His Dad and I are both in school also paying on other school loans. We both work more full time jobs in the medical feild with part time jobs also just to keep up with bills. We will have to pay 500.00 dollars a month for 1 yr. not including his monthly 100.00 allowence. I have tried several websites looking for grants. If anyone has a website or phone number for troubled kids with bipolar or emotional issues please respond he needs to be admitted ASAP.

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